I was so annoyed over the weekend watching the Kentucky Derby. It had nothing to do with the large field of twenty horses, the jockeys or how much attention was being paid to the event. It had to do with the playing of the National Anthem.I realize that the Kentucky Derby has everything to do with which crazy over the top beautiful exorbitant hats people will be wearing. I also know that at Churchill Downs, there are over 170,000 people attending. I was surprised that not one of the people that were close to the playing of the National Anthem bothered to take off their hats.

Harry Connick Jr played the piano and sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and as they scanned the crowd (close to the stage), not one person, male or female made an attempt to take off their hats.

I was so annoyed. Did these people think that just because they were all fancy and dressed up they didn't need to remove their hats to show respect? If I am at a sporting event, in person, I will remove whatever hat I have on. Whether it be a baseball hat or a silly Buffalo Sabres furry hat because that's what you do.

What do you think? Is there ever a time when it's okay to NOT remove your hat during the National Anthem at a live sporting event? I don't think there is.

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