Sometimes when doing an interview, raw emotions take over and you're forced to scrap the original plan and just go with your heart. That happened this morning on the WGNA morning show when we had a chance to chat with one of our favorites, Lee Brice.  Doesn't matter if you have a little boy or a girl, kids or no kids, the song 'Boy' just strikes a chord. I talked to Lee Brice about the moment I was driving in the car with my then 2-year-old son Brody and how powerful and impactful it was to listen to that song while staring at my little man resting comfortably in the back seat.  Lee was more than appreciative, even offering a story about when he 'totaled a car or two'. Tonight, Lee Brice will be at the Palace Theater in Albany.  Make sure you download the GNA app for a chance to win meet and greets and seat upgrades!

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