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We Needed To Tell Lee Brice How Important ‘Boy’ Is (AUDIO)
Sometimes when doing an interview, raw emotions take over and you're forced to scrap the original plan and just go with your heart. That happened this morning on the WGNA morning show when we had a chance to chat with one of our favorites, Lee Brice.  Doesn't matter if you have a little boy or a gir…
Chrissy's Son Ryan's Dance Recital
Over the weekend, my eight-year-old, Ryan, tried something new. He danced on the stage in front of a thousand people with his friends in a dance recital. Some people were surprised when I told them that he was going to be in a recital, but we want him to try everything.
Kip Moore Gets "Politically Incorrect"
Kip Moore was here in May for our most recent Secret Star Acoustic Jam. He's back in Albany tonight and since then, he's traveled the world, opened up about personal issues, and released an amazing new album.
Lactation Lounges Coming To Local Theaters
Breastfeeding moms will find it easier than ever to feed their child while out in public, especially when attending shows in Albany and Schenectady.   Newly created "Lactation Lounges" will be available at Proctors and the Palace Theater.

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