When you hear about a story like this, you often feel bad for the guy who maybe tripped, or even drunkenly stumbled, over a railing to fall into the crowd below. In this case, after watching the video you just think, "You stupid moron!"

When you watch the video, you will see the camera switch to a shot of the upper (300) level of Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo during the Jets game this weekend. Pay close attention to the railing and you will see the dumbest move of all time.

The guy wound up going to a local hospital and, from what I understand, only wound up with a hurt shoulder. The man he fell on, however, has a much more serious head injury and is still in the hospital.

I really don't understand how amazingly stupid some people can be, but I can only hope that when all is said and done, this guy will have to pay for his lack of consideration for the safety and welfare of himself and all of those around him.

I mean really, sliding down the railing of an upper level?

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