What a wonderful story this has turned out to be. You may remember seeing a video back in March where a YouTube personality named "MagicogRahat" surprised a homeless man with a lottery ticket worth $1,000. The homeless man's name is Eric and his  reaction to  winning and his sincere desire to give back some of the money has inspired people from all over to donate to his cause. And now, with the money that has been donated, Rahat has found, furnished and set up a real "home" for Eric and the entire story is just amazing.

We should start with the original video that got everyone wanting to help Eric. It truly is a touching video:

Now after that video many people wanted to donate to help Eric out further and more than $40,000 was raised. Rahat then used that money to pay for a house for a year for Eric, they furnished it, paid for utilities and are using the extra money for living expenses. That, to me, is not the best part. In the video, there is a point where Rahat goes to pick up Eric from what looks to be a motel room (probably paid for by the $1000) and Eric is as excited as a little boy at Christmas to tell his new friend that he, "GOT A JOB!" That, to me, makes this video even more meaningful. You never know what can happen to a person when someone shows them a little love and kindness.

With that said, enjoy:


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