Sometimes kids will try to break into cars and weird people will ring random doorbells, but I got an alert this morning that I couldn't believe to be true!

Do you have the Neighbors app on your phone? If you don't, it's quite helpful. It alerts you to weird happenings in your neighborhood, sent in by your neighbors (a lot of times with smart doorbell video). This morning, I got an alert, expecting another car break-in or something similar but this wasn't at all anything close to that.

The title gave the whole thing away "Homeless (?) man pooped on my street." Apparently, around 7:00pm one of my neighbors was out walking their dog when they saw a man "coming from a squatting position...and pulling up his pants." Thankfully, there was no video evidence of this one.

They described the man as wearing camo shorts, a teal shirt, and short yellow hair. I've never in my entire life caught someone relieving themselves on my lawn. Luckily, further in the thread, it was revealed that the man was caught by Schenectady PD as being "very belligerent" and was taken to Ellis Hospital, where I hope he's feeling better.

What a crazy story, huh?

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