If your like me you like to stay inside on cold days and relax, maybe binge watch a good show and make some hot coffee. Whatever your routine is, you probably dread going anywhere. As the winter weather starts to pick up and the snow starts to pile on we need to be aware that it's not easy for everyone to take shelter.

As snow accumulates and the temperatures drop please be aware of ones who can't always get inside.

According to Homeless Action, each year The Albany Area has roughly 2,000 homeless with around 100 of them on the streets.

During this time of the year as the volumes of shelters picks up it never hurts to think about how you can help out these places out.

Anything you can donate whether its supplies or even your time would be appreciated. Here are some local shelters.

Check out how you can help those less fortunate this winter. We often take things like a roof over our head for grante.



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