As the weather gets warmer and spring approaches, there are warnings about coyotes in and around the Capital Region. The DEC wants residents to follow certain guidelines regarding these animals. According to, there are some recommendations for residents who are trying to feed coyotes in the wild. The main one is to not feed coyotes ever. This is a major concern from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Coyotes will be more visible in the spring and during the daytime when they are out with their pups. It is important that you refrain from feeding them and having any encounters with the animals.

It is important to not put pet food outside or make any garbage accessible to wild animals. Birdseed also attracts coyotes so clean up any spillage. Make sure your pets and humans keep a safe distance away from coyotes. Never let your pets outside alone or off-leash. If you see one, be aggressive and stand tall. This will scare them off. You are also encouraged to clear tall grass and brush from around your home so the coyotes don't have a place to make a shelter.

If you do see coyotes in your area or neighborhood, contact local police and the DEC.

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