Chrissy and I have been on the air together at GNA for almost two-and-a-years, and thirteen plus years in all.  We've had plenty of highs and lows in our personal and professional life and for the most part, it's part of our nature to share with you many of these moments.  We've been open about relationships, marriages, divorces, birth/adoption of our children, losing a loved one or friend and literally everything else in between.

We share these stories with you because that's what we feel we've been put here to do.  We strive to entertain, inform, relate, give opinions, be vulnerable, personable, reassuring, stern, comical, speak our minds and also give back. With that being said, over the course of 13 plus years and 4.5 hours talking on the air each day, there are bound to be certain topics discussed that get, let's say, lost in translation.  Heck, we have a difficult time tracking down each other's lives and certainly we know that your busy life makes it nearly impossible to digest all the things about us that we throw at you.
With that being said, check out this conversation that Chrissy and I had on-air recently about how one listener completely misidentifies key elements in our lives.  It actually turned out to be a hilarious segment in this radio version of the 'telephone game'.


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