National Fried Chicken Day was earlier this week, which inspired this quest to find the area's best.

Whether it is an order of chicken fingers, a big 'ol bowl of wings or just a basket of crispy goodness, I love fried chicken. Crispy skin combined with tender meat and just the right mix of spices makes an amazing meal. On National Fried Chicken Day we asked you about the best spots in the Capital Region for this classic dish and the restaurants below are what you came back with. And hey, we would never want to leave anyone out, so feel free to write in your favorite spot for fried chicken if they are not listed here.

Place your vote and help us determine the best fried chicken in the Capital Region! No matter who wins this poll, GNA listeners held all of these restaurants in high enough esteem to recommend them, so give 'em all a try.

We will post the poll results the week of July 13th.

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