Imagine your child getting dropped off at home by school bus only to find out later - perhaps during dinner conversation - that their driver allowed them to take the wheel? This actually happened, and there's video to prove it, and the driver is facing serious charges.

According to a story from News 10 ABC, an Indiana school bus driver was fired and faces felony charges after she let 3 students, ranging in age from 11-17, take turns behind the wheel while she gave them 'how to' instructions during the bus ride home.

According to the report, 27 year old Pat McAtee, allowed the kids to drive the bus while offering up both driving instructions and a cover-up for what she clearly knows is terrible, dangerous, and punishable behavior. Yet, she does it anyway.

She's seen in the video assisting the children and saying "Don't y'all tell no other adults about this." In another clip she's heard saying, "First, what you got to do, put your foot on the brake. There you go."

McAtee was arrested when, according to the story, she showed up later at the 'bus barn' to pick up her check. Police charged her with felony neglect of a dependent and she may face jail time.

Thankfully, no students were harmed.

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