Who needs to go on a vacation far away when one of the best places to visit in the country is right in our backyard?

It is no secret to us, and apparently no secret to the rest of the country - Lake George is amazing. Time Magazine has recognized the lake's greatness by naming Lake George one of it's top 10 US Destinations for travelers in 2018! Here is what the article had to say it:

'Known as the southern gateway to the Adirondacks, this upstate New York haven really comes alive during the summer months, when it draws visitors seeking greener surroundings and a small-town vibe.'

The article goes on to mention the lake's famous steamboats and Fort William Henry Museum as great things to check out, and of course gives a nod to Adirondack Brewery and their amazing offerings.

I guess the beauty of Lake George for us living in the Capital Region is this amazing destination is an easy daytrip and more importantly an east getaway from the daily grind. We are truly lucky to have such a gem right at our doorsteps!

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