If you missed "Pet Connection" today on the " Sean and Richie Show", here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption. We would love to thank our sponsor The Animal Hospital in Guilderland for their help in getting these pets new homes. Let's take a look at the pets featured today.

Nova is a beautiful, 2 year old white & fawn greyhound, about 75 pounds.

He is a mellow fellow, a quiet greyhound who knows his name. As easy going as Nova is, he tested as not tolerant of cats. Small dogs are fine. Nova gets nervous when he goes into a new environment and it takes him a day or two to feel comfortable. He does still pull on the leash a bit and could use some work on this.

He likes his crate and has no problem going right in and making himself comfortable. He rides very well in a vehicle. He lays right down and relaxes. Nova would do best in a home with other dogs, especially greyhounds. He would do better with a fenced yard rather than having ONLY a leash walk option. Once he is settled, he is very sweet, loving and absolutely perfect in the house. No marking, no chewing or tearing anything up. He is a complete gentleman and a total love sponge! Nova has been trained in basic obedience in a Florida state prison for 12 weeks.

TIMOTHY, is a looker, and a dear little soul. He is only 2 years old (B.D. May 1, 2009) but he is very calm and stoic for just a young pup.

He is a beautiful Red color with dark muzzle and weighs 74 lbs. TIMOTHY is shy and reserved at first until he gets to know you. He loves his crate and pretty much prefers to be in it most of the time. He's on the quiet side and does not get too excited over anything.... a nice mellow boy.

He does not jump up on people and is very gentle. Timothy tested cat safe, had not one iota of interest in the 2 separate cat tests with different cats. And, he gets along very well with other dogs of all sizes. TIMOTHY would do best in a home with a fenced yard. He has no problem going outside and coming in when he is called. You can visit TIMOTHY at one of our regular events or in his foster home by appointment.

For more information on these and other great pets contact, Forever Home Greyhounds  at  518-428-3254. Or visit their website at, www.foreverhomegreyhounds.com