There is a new kind of pet store that is opening in Wilton Mall this weekend. You will be able to pick out your furry friend but there is a bigger purrrpose for this pet store. According to News 10 ABC, years ago, there used to be a pet store in Wilton Mall in the same location and now it is back to being a pet store but with a twist. It is called the H.O.P.E Pet Adoption and Education Center with the motto, "adopt, don't shop".

Their focus is to work with other shelters to adopt and foster cats and dogs. Their location in Wilton Mall will highlight these animals that are in need of forever homes. The mission of H.O.P.E. is to focus on education and understanding about having a pet that you adopt not purchase.

They will have mostly cats but will feature dogs on the weekends that are also available for adoption. They will hold programs, have speakers, and other trendy events like cat yoga.

It will run on donations and the adoption fees for pets under six are one hundred dollars for cats and two hundred twenty-five dollars for dogs. There will be a soft opening this Sunday, January 26th at 11am and is open to all. It will then be open seven days a week.

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