It may look like the area is out of hand sanitizer, but one Albany Distillery is doing their part to make their own (and get you some beverages to have at home during the coronavirus).

Have you been unable to find hand sanitizer in the Capital Region? Well, one local business is doing its part by creating it themselves. According to the Times Union, Douglas Estadt, who owns Capital Distillery, has begun to make hand sanitizer that he's giving away with the purchase of one of their products.

Before you ask, his homemade sanitizer is well over the necessary 60% of alcohol by volume, hitting 75%. To make the product, Estadt has taken "leftover vodka from the distilling process, organic aloe vera, tea tree oil, and lavender." Not only will the product sanitize your hands, but the lavender should calm you a bit in the craziness that is the coronavirus.

One bottle is free with each purchase of either their vodka, gin, or rose vodka for $40 per bottle (free delivery available).

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