Last week, it was Jeopardy mentioning Schenectady's famous zip code and now, the internet locally is talking about a reference The Simpsons made to our capital.

Fun fact, if you didn't already know, that I just learned is that the older patriarch of the Simpson family, Abe or Grandpa is actually originally from Albany, New York. Seeing as that the show isn't set in Albany, we have no idea what brought Grandpa from the "Old Country" to Ellis Island to the Capital Region to Springfield, according to Simpsons Fandom.

In a clip that started trending on our local Albany subreddit from 2017, Homer and his father Abe are talking (Back in time) where Homer is asking for help. Abe then says how he was "voted the handsomest boy in Albany, NY." Seeing how young Abe is in this scene, we must've gotten rid of that contest years ago (kidding, of course).

This is one of the many mentions that The Simpsons makes to our area. One of the more popular is the mention of Albany's "steamed hams" and of course the recent song dedicated to Upstate New York. The show has been signed on for another two seasons so let's just home the Upstate New York mentions keep coming!

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