I recently went bathing suit shopping.  Oh, man.  That's a rough job.  I am ashamed to admit that it took me hours, several stores, online shopping, several opinions from loved ones before I pulled the trigger.

So, when I saw this survey I giggled because I felt like someone was following me!

Now, for most purchases, I don't need to go through all 10 steps.  I mean, a sweater is a sweater.  But for big events or swimsuit season, I'm as guilty as the next girl of this tedious process!

Researchers asked 1,400 women to take them through the process of buying a piece of clothing and they found women go through up to 10 steps just to get one thing.

And it can take them up to 40 HOURS.  Here are the steps . . .

1.  Looking at magazines or websites for inspiration on what to buy.

2.  Searching for the item on two or three sites to get different prices.

3.  Sending links to at least two friends for their opinions.

4.  Posting photos on Facebook for more opinions.

5.  Checking Instagram to make sure no one they know is already wearing it.

6.  Sending links to their mother and sister for approval.

7.  Visiting a shop to try it on.

8.  Taking a selfie in the fitting room.

9.  Sending it around to people for their opinion.

10.  Either buying it in the store . . . or going home to buy it online cheaper.

Busted.  Lol!  But, my bathing suits are spot on!

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