On July 26th, the final American Idol, Trent Harmon stopped by the GNA studios on his promotional tour. I knew this a couple days in advance and of course needed to make sure my American Idol loving Nana was able to get here to meet her "boyfriend!" ...No, seriously, she calls him that.

My Nana is 84-years old and when I moved back home in 2007 she was incredibly sick. I had just gotten the job I had prior to GNA as she was getting out of the hospital and recovering, so I would call and check on her in the afternoons. It just so happened we would talk about American Idol a lot given it was in it's prime at that time.

One day I decided to hit record during our call and I ended up playing a piece of her thoughts on the previous nights Idol and people just adored her. So, it became our things: Nana's Idol Picks. A Capital Region star was born.

Forward almost 10 years later, American Idol has its final season, I move to country and it just so happens the guy Nana picked from the beginning, Trent Harmon not only wins the show but gets signed to release a country record. Fate? I think so.

When Trent came in, I told him all about her and he couldn't have been more gracious when they finally met. What I didn't expect was him to then post on his personal Facebook page:

Trent Harmons Post to Nana, Facebook

From there thousands of fans of all ages were commenting and messaging me telling me how much they love her. Some just sending their love and some wanting to send her gifts. A shout out to Kim Phelps for sending Nana this Trent Harmon t-shirt that absolutely made her day!

Nana Wearing Her Trent Harmon Shirt Sent by Fans

Is this the power of Idol? Trent? GNA? or is Nana just this amazing that everyone that comes into contact with her in any way, shape or form falls in love with her? I think it might just be that last one.