Millions will hit the roads, trains and airlines this week to travel for Thanksgiving. This will be the highest amount of travelers in over a decade. Last year, I was lucky to have hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Although it was a lot of work, I didn't have to travel anywhere. This year is much different and apparently I'm not alone.

According to, more than fifty four million people will be traveling fifty miles or more this Thanksgiving holiday. This will make it the busiest travel day since 2005. Ninety percent of those traveling, myself included, will hit the roads. There will be three point two million New Yorkers that will be on the roadways including the Thruway to travel for Thanksgiving.

If you are traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, AAA says that you should plan for extra time on the Thruway too. The busiest days are the Wednesday before and the Sunday after.

Have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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