New Saints Coach Talks Turkey Mayhem With GNA (AUDIO)
New Siena Saints head coach Jamion Christian came by the GNA studios during the week to talk about the excitement of a new era in Siena Hoops.  On the court, his players are known for bringing a style described as 'mayhem'; designed to wear out their opponents.  Off the court, he appears to be bring…
Which Stores Are Closed On Thanksgiving?
Every year around the holidays it seems like there are more deals than just on Black Friday. Now it feels like those Black Friday deals are sometimes on Thanksgiving day. Well now nearly one hundred stores will be closed on Thanksgiving.
My Deepest Darkest Obsession
One at a time, by the handful, or by the container.  Trader Joes, Tierra Farms, or CVS brand quality I can't stop eating dark chocolate covered almonds.  Experts will tell you that there are health benefits to eating them, I hope the way I eat em, qualifies.
Before You Cook Your Turkey, Don't Do This
I am hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow and I am not a great cook. So while I was looking for the best way to cook the turkey, I came across this article about preparing the bird before it goes in the oven. I had no idea that I wasn't supposed to do this.

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