Local Sheriffs Volunteer to Deliver Pie and Eggnog
Hundreds of positive comments flooded the page of a local sheriff's department Facebook when they announced they would be sending out volunteers to deliver pies and eggnog to those who will be going without this Thanksgiving.
Creepin’ Cuomo Window Sticker is Now a Thing
We've all seen the joke photos going around the internet and all of social media that shows Governor Andrew Cuomo peeping and creeping through your window to make sure you're following his Thanksgiving COVID mandates. A company in western New York that specializes in custom art, banners, signs and s…
Another Capital Region County Won't Enforce 10 Person Limit
As the coronavirus cases start to ramp up again and Thanksgiving is approaching, Governor Andrew Cuomo has put a cap on Thanksgiving gatherings. He wants local police to enforce a ten-person limit for Thanksgiving this year. But another Capital Region county says they won't go door to door.
Capital Region County Will Not Enforce 10 Person Limit
As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the coronavirus begins to ramp up again, Governor Cuomo wants New Yorkers to keep their celebrations to a minimum. There is one county in the Capital Region that says that they won't be enforcing the governor's request.
Love Cowboy: Listener Wants Peeps to Pay Up for Thanksgiving
Willa in Greenville writes:
"My husband and I have been married for 3 years, and we bought our first home last February. Normally we have Thanksgiving dinner at his mom's house but she said that this year she doesn't feel comfortable his mom and dad are staying home.  My husband is …
Michael Ray On How Marriage Changes Thanksgiving
Country star Michael Ray is making his way to Upstate Concert Hall on December 7th with our man Jimmie Allen as the co-headliners of the CMT on Tour Concert and we're pretty stoked.  These are two of the shining bright young stars in country music who have big personalities and even bigger hits.  Mi…

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