An Open Letter to the Beautiful Deer I See on my Morning Commute
I live in Mechanicville and I drive back roads and farm roads to get to work. Each morning, before dawn I see at least four or five deer in the fields as I pass through. Some of them are closer to the road than others. But I wanted to tell these beautiful animals that my lights are not enticing and …
Funny Highway Signs Try And Get Motorists To Focus
When you are on the road, especially when you are traveling for vacation or a summer road trip, you hope that other motorists are focusing on the roads and not texting or using their phones. Well another state has decided to be creative and funny with their highway signs in an effort to get drivers …
If Capital Region Roads Could Talk
Summer means we all travel a little more and surely by now you know some roads in the Capital Region are a necessary annoyance that you simply cannot avoid.  Until we have cars that can fly or hyper-loop, we must succumb to the evil ways of certain area roads.  Here's a list of a few …
Why Is There A Long Black Tube Across The Road?
I know this has happened to you. You are driving down the road and all of a sudden you see this black long tube all the way across it. You drive over it with no problem but then you wonder, what the heck is that black tube used for and why on this road?

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