I just finished my blog about the fruit (or alleged lack of the above) in Fruit Roll-ups, and then I saw this story about the worst treats for Trick or Treat!  Wow, maybe there's a future here as a consumer advocate! 

It's true.  You go to the store and buy bags and bags of cheapo candy-never knowing what you are handing out.  20 years ago noone would have cared.  Today everything is being scrutinized, so i might as well jump on the "calorie and cholesterol" the bandwagon too.   Here's a quick rundown taken from a YouTube video on the most unhealthy candy to dole out or consume yourself:

You can read more about this from an article in the DailyBeast.com


So between sifting through your candy for devious things possibly inside, acting as a literal bodyguard during trick or treating so nothing happens to your kid, checking the sugar, calorie and fat content of everything that's in the bag, and taking a shift on the "Neighborhood Watch" committee to see who's vandalizing your community's homes- you really have to ask yourselves- Is this holiday even worth doing anymore?   There's LITERALLY nothing fun about it!   Agree or disagree?  Is it just me?  Would love to know your thoughts!



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