If you live in Davis California, you might hear this apstatement alot when you bring your kids in to a fast food establishment..

According to SF Gate.com, they are proposing in this city to require servers to ask kids if they would like milk or water instead of automatically defaulting to soda as a choice.
The city council unanimously passed the proposal, so I guess in September it goes into effect.  Good idea or bad?  Do you like it when the government meddles in your life, or do you think it's a good thing to enforce changes at least have good intentions to help the public? By the way, most of the businesses in the city voted for the change, as I understand.   Oh, and one more thing- if you violate the requirement, you could be fined up to $500!
photo by Richie Phillips
I have to think about this one, but as I mull it over, I wouldn't have been outraged somebody other than us reinforced good eating habits with my son..He turned out great, don't get me wrong, but hell-why not?  What harm does it do?
What say you on this?

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