In an effort to educate and identify health risks of children in our schools, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill requiring students to be screened for obesity. The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) were pushing for this bill to be signed. They believe that schools and teachers are in the best position to identify the health risks that kids are facing. They also know that this will help with not only educating children, but their parents too.

Physical activity is an important part of the bill. It will encourage at least 120 minutes of activity per week. Nutritional education both in schools and at home is a key part of the program.

Many people agree with the bill as an attempt to encourage healthy lifestyles at an early age and in turn help the entire family and school community.

According to News10ABC, Senator Jeff Klein who had a part in drafting this bill said that this will give schools the resources they need to educate students and their families in an attempt to curb the obesity epidemic.

Do you think schools should be doing obesity screenings? Should they not be involved?

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