As I prepare to send my Son off to college, I realize I have no idea what he really needs to begin this 4 year experience on his own.  So, as I was doing my research, (with a lot of help from the "Coupon Lady") I thought I would share with you what we found to help other first time parents get their kids ready to be on their own.

  • Shower essentials.  With showers down the hall, a robe will make it easier to get there and back without making anyone else uncomfortable!  Apparently, walking around in a towel in dorms is frowned upon!  And don’t forget the flip flops.  Shower caddy’s to carry shampoo/soap are also a must have and can be found at most stores for $3!
  • Alarm clock.  Most already have one, but without parents to make sure their up, a new one might be in order!
  • Storage – There is not much room in these tiny dorms.  Target has an ottoman to serve as extra seating and storage for $17!  That’s a good deal!  Bed Stackers are also nice to raise the bed enough to allow extra storage underneath.  Maybe put some extra bath towels in a storage bin or even your laundry basket!  Bed stackers are about $15 at sears and are available in most college stores.
  • There you have it, the top 5 dorm room essentials according to my research.  Does anyone else have any dorm room tips for me?  Share them below please!