Major changes are coming to toll booths across New York state. Some of them have already changed and if you aren't prepared for it, it could cost you. If you travel any of the toll roads, you are noticing more and more that standing toll booths with operators inside are going away. For instance, traveling near Niagara Falls, they have eliminated all toll booths going over the Grand Island bridges. There are now big electronic overhangs that scan your E-Z Pass to charge you the toll. There are also big signs telling motorists, who don't have E-Z Pass, that they will get a ticket mailed to them so they can pay the toll.

This is the wave of the future of traveling on toll roads. According to News Channel 13, actual toll booths will be gone by the end 2020 here in New York state. The system will be entirely cashless.

There is a convenient way to get an E-Z Pass without leaving your vehicle. Just pull up to a toll booth at select toll lanes along the New York state Thruway and you can purchase one for $25. Then you can register it and that $25 goes into your account when it becomes active.

You can also purchase one online on the E-Z Pass website.

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