new york state thruway

NY Thruway Toll Hikes Should Be Expected in 2022
In 2016, Governor Cuomo froze Thruway tolls through 2020. With that time coming quickly, Cuomo hasn't released a policy on what he plans to do but we'll surely feel it with the Thruway Authority's rising debt.
Slow Down! It's Speed Week
Heads up on the road this week, police are out in full force cracking down on speeders. This week is known as "Speed Week" and the fines are stiff if you get pulled over.
Governor Cuomo to Change NYS Thruway by 2020
The Governor made his State of the State address on Wednesday and one of the biggest changes that he discussed was happening to the New York State Thruway and he said we should be changed over as early as 2020.
NY State Plow Drivers Needed
The New York State Thruway Authority is looking for seasonal help to maintain the nearly 3,000 miles of roadway that covers the state. Snow plow drivers are needed and the starting pay is decent.