If you are looking to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products at your local pharmacy, there is one county in the Capital Region that has made it illegal to do so. In an effort to curb the use of tobacco and nicotine-based products, legislators approved to ban the sale of these products at pharmacies and stores that have pharmacies in Albany County.

According to the Times Union, those who support the ban said that the sale of the products in these stores that focus on wellness and aimed at improving health are almost hypocritical by selling these addictive and toxic products.

There are thirty three stores and pharmacies that will be affected in Albany County. You won't be able to buy these tobacco and nicotine-based products at Rite Aid, Hannaford, Price Chopper, ShopRite, Walmart and Walgreens.

This seems to be happening all over. Massachusetts and California have similar bans while in New York state, Rockland County was the first to ban these products and New York City followed shortly after.

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