Far be it from me to try to judge a bunch of judges, but I thought I would at least give you my humble opinon , and then ask for yours!

OK, here's my 2 cents about this year's American Idol Show.  Tell me if you agree or not:

1. I don't miss Simon Cowell. There, I said it.   Although he made for good TV, I personally thought he was clueless when it came to musical knowledge.   Especially country music, which he always referred to as  country western (we're country eastern!)

2. Steven Tyler-good addition!-   He's "out there", but he's nice at the same time.   I like his spirit.  And you can't deny his "street cred" when it comes to musical knowledge.

3. J-Lo- another good addition !   I've heard that she can be tough to deal with.  But on the show she seems very sweet.  She seems to actually feel bad when she has to throw someone off the stage.  She's NICE-TY.  There!  A new word for ya.  That's a combination of NICE and NASTY.

4. Randy-Dawg- don't ever let him leave! To me, Randy is the perfect combination of personalities.  He can be critical, but he still has "heart".  He can be alittle bit "out there" as well, but the show needs that.  He's still very sensible with his comments, has a wide range of musical knowledge, and can be, ahhh....NICE-TY as well...

So I guess what I'm saying here is that I actually think this cast of judges is an improvement... but again, that's just me.  As always, I'm looking for your comments.  I will read some on the air!   And please, if you are criticizing,  try to be NICE-TY about it!!!