There’s no doubt that Netflix’s Stranger Things will be remembered as a decade defining TV show. It made superstars out of its young cast, introduced a new generation to artists like Metallica and Kate Bush, and gave us the joy that is David Harbour.

New York Stranger Things fans now have a huge opportunity to celebrate the show in a once-in-a-lifetime way. Netflix is bringing a massive fan event to New York to celebrate a momentous fun, fictional holiday in the show.

Stranger Things New York?

A shot from Stranger Things season 4

Stranger Things already has a secret New York connection – the show was originally supposed to be called ‘Montauk’ and set at the end of Long Island. The secret experiments in the show are based on rumors and speculations around The Montauk Project, which conspiracy theorists say involved research into mind control and time travel via children at Camp Hero.

Every November 6, Netflix celebrates Stranger Things Day – the day in season one of the show where Will Byers went missing and set the supernatural plot in motion. While this has been more confined to social media over the last few years, the streaming is blowing the doors off this year with the first ever (and possibly only) showing of Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 on the big screen.

Happy Stranger Things Day!

Netflix is set to celebrate "Stranger Things Day" 2022 on November 6 across the US.

The screenings are limited to only a few cities across the US and Canada, and yes, New York City is one of them. The NYC screening will be at The Paris Theatre at 4 W. 58th Street. Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite resident of Hawkins, Lenora Hills, or the Upside Down for a costume contest.

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Netflix also promises trivia, giveaways, and “other surprises.” I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a visit from a special guest or two. Tickets are free until they run out, doors open at 6p on Sunday, and seats are first come, first served. Find out more here.

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