This glamping experience in the Adirondacks is next level

For families looking to get outside and experience nature, there's no better place to visit than the Adirondacks - basically right here in our backyard.

Featuring nearly 12 million acres spanning over 5,000 square feet of land, and home to over 200 lakes, the astonishing ADKs are perfect for hiking, skiing, exploring, and vacationing.

But finding the right campsite may be difficult for inexperienced campers who don't know the lay of the land or who don't want to do away with all the creature comforts.

Modern campsites, or "glampsites" as they're known, offer accommodations and facilities a bit more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping and are becoming increasingly popular.

The one we're featuring in the post caught our eye because it looks spectacular, and even inexperienced campers can get down with these types of accommodations.

What and where is it?

Moose Hillock Camping Resort sits on a total of 182 acres and is located less than 10 miles from Lake George. They're on the corner of Tripoli rd and Route 149 in Fort Ann, NY.

Grab your tubes and floaties for the ultimate tropical viewing experience! Float under the stars, with the stars and presented in HD from the heated waters of Aloha Beach.  Movie time will generally begin around dusk. - Moose Hillock Camping


What kid wouldn't want to swim at night in a heated pool while watching a movie on the giant Goonies/Castle Greyskull-looking movie screen?

Want to see more, check out the pics below!

Check Out this Spectacular Spot in the ADKS that Takes Glamping to the Next Level!

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