That's not me talking.  There's an article in the New York Times that's blabbing about it, however, and you might want to consider this -

According to the NY Times article, there's a beautiful casino in Mississippi - Harrah"s Tunica.  Believe it or not, it will be closed by the time you read this.  950 jobs gone!

Why?  Too many of them competing against each other.   Atlantic City is feeling the pinch, so are gambling entities in Missouri and elsewhere.

Fernando Camino/Cover/Getty Images

There are casinos in 50 states!  Could all this competition be a warning sign for New York?   According to Tom DiNapoli, NY's Comptroller:

Gambling casinos that could open upstate within a few years may not deliver the economic benefits that some predicted


So, what do you think?  Should we stop it  before we get ourselves in MORE trouble down the road?   Would love to know in the comment section!

(To hear Richie's song about where the casino should go, click below