A listener told me that he had opportunity to pick up a very rare recording from the late, great "Chairman of the Board" at a yard sale.  I was SHOCKED to hear the recording! 

As you know, they are really fighting it out around these parts.  Just WHERE will the first great casino be located in the Capital Region? As of this writing, Saratoga seems to be out of the running and East Greenbush has thrown their hat in the ring, according to an article in the Saratogian.

Well, you HAVE to hear this old recording.  It seems that a very, very famous jazz singer had it all figured out years ago!


  parody of "All Of Me" sung by Frank Sinatra
 Lyrics  ©2014 Richie Phillips

Albany why not pick Albany?

Schenectady is no place for casinos
Don't choose Troy that town I'm not trusting
Rensellaer Riverfront? Parts of that are disgusting!
Moreau - that idea has got to go
Saratoga as you know - they already have horsies!
In Malta you can't-- it's one  big friggin chip plant
Why not take Albany?  Why not pick Albany?