I don't gamble very often but I love the slot machines that either play bonus or free games for me or are in the style of something I like. So I'm so excited to see that slot machines are going the way of country artists!

The first country artist themed slot machine coming to Rivers Casino & Resort is Tim McGraw! You'll be able to play the penny slot immediately since you can already find it right next to the Britney Spears & The Walking Dead machines.

If you've never played these artist or television show slot machines before, they're really great if you're a fan of the theme. While you're waiting for your numbers to come up, you'll usually be able to hear clips of songs or bits of video so it will seem like Tim McGraw is right with you as you win! The idea for the machine was released the end of last year so before you run to Rivers Casino & Resort to play, maybe Tim has some tips for you below.

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