This was a very important interview from an organization that could certainly use your help and donations.  They endured a horrible incident a week before Christmas, no less.  How ironic that a crisis intervention center has to deal with a crisis of their own! 

This was the  major reason for having Frank Graniero, Board President of "Things Of My Very Own" on the air for this edition of Capital Region Sunday, a public affairs show airing weekly.

The actual founder of the organization, Rayn Boncie could not be interviewed due to that rotten virus that's going around.  I would have loved to have her on.  She is one amazing woman who endured abuse as a child and swore that she was not going to let it happen to anyone else - thus establishing this organization that has helped literally thousands of kids of all ages in this area.

To make matters worse for Rayn - there was a break-in at their building in the stockade section right before Christmas.  To find out more this, please listen to this interview with Frank.

Once again, if you would like to donate to help them recover lost money and other items, please call 518-630-5145 or you can text "Things" to 91011 and follow the instructions.

What a horrible thing to happen, especially around the holidays.  We hope you can find it in your heart to make even a small donation.