The great thing about doing the Capital Region Sunday show is that you get to cover a wide range of occupations and subject areas.  In some cases the information can be life saving. Here is a case in point.  Do you know someone with pulmonary hypertension?  They might have it without knowing it!  Take a listen to this repeat of a Capital Region Sunday interview with Rino Aldrighetti CEO of PHA.

Did you know that Natalie Cole was one very recent victim of this condition? Pulminary Hypertension isn't the garden variety hypertension (more commonly referred to as high blood pressure), and sometimes this version goes undiagnosed.

I had a chance to speak with Rino Aldrighetti, the CEO of the Pulminary Hypertension Association, and he offers some valuable information on the subject as well as really important websites that you can visit to learn more.

We also would like to congratulate this group on it's 25th year and also Mr. Aldrighetti's retirement ( glad we could catch him before he left!). For more information about this condition, you can go to

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