You know things are bad when a crisis center has a crisis of its own. I'm not trying to be funny. This literally happened and it sickens me to even have to type this.

According to NewsChannel 13 some lovely individual(s) took cash donations and other needed items at the Crisis Prevention Center of Schenectady this past Sunday.  OK, let me get this straight. It's bad enough that a crisis center gets robbed, but what is the center even there for? TO HELP NEEDY CHILDREN, FOR GOD SAKES.

Oh, am I yelling? Gee, I'm sorry.  But I'm going to doing it again. IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME. How heartless is this? I guess the front door was unlocked and while volunteers  were upstairs, they walked into the lobby and made off with the goods. They even took the stuffed animals. Roll that around in your heads for a minute.

Google Earth
Google Earth

THINGS OF MY VERY OWN is actually the name of the facility (wow, how ironic is that?). Maybe these people should be more concerned with things of THEIR very own instead of taking other peoples'. Our sincere condolences for your losses. We hope you can recoup them somehow.

I don't want to end this with the cliche "where's the humanity?" but you have to start asking yourself that when you read things like this.

Well, onto the next blog. I got nothin' else.

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