We at the Sean and Richie Show are always out to keep more moola in your wallet.  We feature the Coupon Lady every week for example.  There are other ways to save as well, like the good old Dollar Store. But I have to caution you-there are limits here!

Example, I wouldn't buy your winter tires from there.  Ok, that's a joke, but this is for real.  According to FatWallet.com, here are the top 5 things not to buy.  Most are obvious, but I bet some continue to purchase these things anyway.


1.  Lightbulbs-   Everyone would buy these cheap bulbs I'm sure, thinking that you're saving money, but I'm sure that the new squiggly ones are a better buy in the long run

2. Electronics- That big combination radio/CD player/alarm clock/microwave oven will probably be in the landfill in about a week.

3. Drugs- Enough said.  Diet pills?  No!  Pregnancy tests?  I'm trying to picture telling  your significant other that the results are negative and then tell him where you got the pregnancy test from!






So let the buyer beware!  Stick to greeting cards and maybe wrapping paper, but none of the above, please!!!









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