You've gotta love this story.  I'm not sure I would be this generous, but we all should think twice and try to be more like these folks at  a Amesbury, Mass. Heav'nly Donuts Shop

According to a story at ABC, there was a donut shop in Massachusetts that might just break a record for giving on the part of it's customers

Here's the link to the video if you want to see what happened.  I summarized the incident below.

It started with this woman who always comes in on Fridays and pays for the person behind her in the drive thru line.  She comes in early usually, so there aren't as many cars. But 4 hours later, there were alot of them, and it started a chain reaction of paying.  By day's end - 55 people were involved with paying for the person in their rear view mirror.  Some people only had a $1 order, but some had a $20 tab.  Didn't matter, and it looks like noone complained, no matter how much it was.   Very cool!

Would YOU participate in something like this?  What would happen if you were responsible for a $20 tab behind you?  Would you be bitter?  Would love to know