I'm in my late twenties and I don't have any younger siblings or kids of my own so I'm a little out of the loop with the "hot toys." Until my Mom bought herself one of these (yup, herself) and now I can't help but see Fingerlings everywhere.

Me as a twenty-something doesn't understand the point or need for these tiny monkey's, but the 10 year old Furby-owner version of me thinks these are the cutest things and has to have one. WowWee Fingerlings are interactive monkeys (there's also a unicorn available) that hang from your fingers and they also have playsets for them to play with.

You can tap them on the head to get a reaction, hang them upside down from your finger, pet them, make them fart, blow them kisses, rock them to sleep, talk to them, or get them to sing to you!

If you're about to go to the Toys R Us website to buy them, though, they're already sold out but can still be ordered via the official website. With Hatchimals being a bigger dud than expected, I can't imagine the next version is going to do well. That leaves plenty of room for Fingerlings to be the "it" toy this year.

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