I haven't seen anything this ridiculous in quite some time.  When we were kids, the threat of having our mouths washed out with soap was reason enough to never curse around our parents.  In 2018, people are voluntarily eating Tide Pods, getting violently ill, and eating MORE!  The level of stupidity has reached epic proportions.

Teens and adults (not even children) are eating Tide Pods for views and likes.  It's getting out of hand.  Some supermarkets are taking extreme measures to make sure they stay in the dishwasher and not in people's stomachs by actually locking them up in the isle so that people don't steal them.  The FDA has administered warnings, Youtube has pulled the challenges from it's page and Tide themselves have taken to social media to warn people about the risk.  Don't even get me started about the Donut shop in Wichita that made treats that look like the sudsy, colorful capsule. It did look pretty good, but I think I'll pass.

Welcome to 2018, some strange times we live in.  I guess we'll just need to wash out these fools' Tide Pod infested mouths with even more soap.

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