We live in an area surrounded by so much history. Some of the history we find we learn in school and some of the findings are strange and unusual and brushed under the rug.

With all of the stuff that's happened in our area in the past, there had to be some buried skeletons that we didn't know about. The Times Union wrote an article about the strangest and if this is what we know about, who knows what else is buried below us?

  • In February 2004, six decades after she was murdered, the body of Emma Perreault was found under a business on South Pearl Street in Albany. She was found with her wedding ring, bracelet, and 1940s currency in her pocket. Most speculated she just ran off but this whole time, people were going to work right above her.
  • One of the most famous finds was Howe Caverns. Native Americans living in the area were aware of it but Lester Howe stumbled upon the cave after trying to save his cows in the 1770s.
  • Imagine being in the area in 1866 and hearing that someone just found mastodon bones in Cohoes! It's true, you can even still see it inside of the State Museum in Albany.
  • A contractor once found $200,000 in stacks of hundred-dollar bills in a bag hidden in a basement in the Stockade in Schenectady. The contractor ended up taking the money and the owner of the house had to hire a private investigator to get it back.
  • Last year, an envelope was found inside the book Gaine's Universal Register containing strands of George Washington's hair.
  • Twenty bottles of rough-cut morphine were found in a crawl space at the Capital City Rescue Mission on Hudson Avenue in Albany and newspapers from 1921.
  • Schenectady has another for the list when a few years ago, they found a Honda Accord near Riverfront Park near the Stockade covered in zebra mussels.

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