I was curious. Don't we all get that way every so often.

I was curious about the holidays and what people right here in the Capital Region had atop their Christmas list.

Was it an item? Was it an experience? What was it?

So, I went to our Facebook page and got it right from the source. I mean, why not, right?

It's surprising with all of the shopping that we do that so many people didn't list "things" at all. Sure, Garth Brooks tickets were mentioned, but the things people truly want are rather priceless.

Here are some of the responses that made my heart melt a little...

Heather Eileen My 6 year old son asked Santa for Grandma's nurse at the hospital to come live with him because he likes her. ♡♡♡

Beverly Seago Butler A gift of MONEY...so I can pay off all my bills and move to be closer to my daughter and grandkids...

Linda Echevarria Konig Less stress for my hubby

Diane Cornwell Colletti Sunshine and warmth!! Yes thinking about my Florida trip this winter!! Can't come soon enough

Cindy Gernon Not so much hate in this world. Want people to realize that's what We are is just people ! Our time on this earth is already limited. Why kill each other. No group in my book is any better or worse than the other...Just very very Sad..

Robert Peseka To wish my mother gets out of the hospital in time for Xmas

Gina Elms To have money to get my kids xmas presents this yr

Patti Allen Beeker No list here. We give each other gifts all year and don't feel a need to exchange gifts on any specific day.

Dorothy Tifft To be cancer free

Donna J. Bean I'd love to reunite with a old flame. I would love to sit down and talk out our differences like two mature adults and then hopefully a second chance.

For all of the responses...

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