When you live in the Capital Region, it can be like you're at the center of pure awesome-ness!

Someone is currently mocking me for saying that, but come on! Have hometown pride! I can honestly say, this is one of the best spots to be in. Being in the Albany area really does have us so close to so much, yet still away from heavily trafficked, busy city life.

For example, just this weekend my Mom and I hopped in my Civic and headed to I-90 West towards Boston. Her birthday was back in January and for a surprise I got us tickets to see, former American Idol winner, Kris Allen. I come from a music loving family so when there is someone we enjoy, why not go and check it out! Especially Kris, who we haven't had the chance to see since the Idol tour in 2009. The beauty of this, is Boston is about 3 hours away, max! It makes a nice little trip.

On the way, we stopped at the Lee Premium Outlets and did a little mother/daughter shopping and grabbed some lunch. I may have also done this - don't judge me.

Marissa, WGNA


Onto our final destination of Boston. We got to the city about 4:15pm, parked and headed to Dillon's for dinner where we met up with a friend of mine. It happened to be only a block from where the concert was going to be held, so it was perfect.

Then, the show. I love going to new venues because I never know what to expect. This is sometimes not the best, however, Saturday it was awesome! Cafe 939 is a part of Berklee college, their music scene and it really was a little hole in the wall. We walked in where maybe just over a hundred people can fit. Such an intimate little show and the talent Kris Allen possesses is amazing.

Marissa, WGNA

He performed about a 90-minute set and as my Mom and I were getting ourselves set to head back home, we realized there were still a few people hanging out, so we did the same. My goal was to be walking out of there by 10pm and we did, on the dot...after Kris decided to come out and meet the fans still waiting around, that is! So cool!

Marissa, WGNA

Mom and I had a nice ride back and were in our beds a little after 1am. It was a full, fun day that anyone could have if you put your mind to it! Enjoy the Capital Region, enjoy its surroundings and enjoy life!