Are we so "REMOVED" from each other that we don't even look up from our phones, iPads and computers to interact anymore?  That is photographer Eric Pickersgill's very powerful message in this photoessay.  Once you see this it will really hit home. 

I stumbled upon this article from (probably when someone was trying to talk to me on the morning show and I wasn't paying attention).  But then again, neither were they.  I actually took this selfie without Sean or Bethany knowing about it.  These are  our typical "poses" - always staring at a screen.  Barely looking at each other.  Sometimes we actually text each other with messages when we are 3 feet away from each other.

Secret selfie taken by Richie

But then again, after looking at these very telling photos, I guess we're not the only ones who are detached, or shall I say "REMOVED".

I can't post the actual photos without his permission, but here's his  website

iPhone 4s (Getty)

Powerful, huh?  But then again, you're probably on your cellphones reading this and looking at the pictures, so it's a double edged sword.

Ok, I'm done with this blog.  Plus I have some text messages to answer.  See you later