Ok, Johnsonville-  you're up!  I just hope you are up for a theme song on Your Town Thursday. This little hamlet in Rennselaer County needs some love, and we're about to give it to you on the Sean, Richie, and Bethany Show 

Google Earth

Come on, Johnsonville - let's have some fun.  Looking for the funny and/or the factual. I would love to write a song about your town to put on the air, online and even on Periscope on Thursday morning.  The more information,the better!   Thanks to Sarah Campbell and Caitlin Brundige for getting it started.  Now let's keep it going!  Please put all of your information in the comment section below or email me at Richie@wgna.com.  Pictures are always invited too!   Please make them 640x480 if possible.


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