I'm not sure how many of the huge number of residents of Quaker Springs, NY  will enjoy this, but I sure hope they do! 

It's a very little hamlet in Saratoga County, and it was a lot of fun learning about Quaker Springs, NY.   I'd like to thank Elizabeth Humphreys and all the nice folks who got on the interwebs and contacted me with information.

I sang this song live on the air, so I thought I'd give you a little idea of what that looks like (it looks very, very tired - that's what it looks like).  This is a parody of the classic song "Rocky Top", btw.    My rewritten lyrics follow the video.  Feel free to share and sing along at home!

Well there's an itty bitty town pretty close to Saratoga
and we admit it's rather small
but some really fantastic teachers both reside there
Joanne and Royce Ball
Everyone at SCS were taught by them
They were the ones the students like
It's also the home of Mike McLoughlin the town councilman- GO SEE MIKE
And you can't forget a popular road/ its a road of which I sing
good old Ruckytuck  Ruckytuck Quaker Springs
Ruckytuck Quaker Springs
you can have a great time
and they have no crime there
a great place to live and work
it's known for the parties on Duell Road
and the beautiful Methodist Church
what a nice place to get married and exchange your wedding rings
and then there's good old Ruckytuck Ruckytuck Quaker Springs
that's the town of which I sing