I didn't get a whole lot of information about this nice little town down in Columbia County, but I hopefully made due with what I had.  Thanks to all the folks who helped me out on the Facebooks!  Here's your song, and I think you'll recognize the tune. 

If you served in the Army or know someone who did, you'll recognize this song.  It starts with "Over Hill, Over Dale…….which coincidentally is both parts of the word Hillsdale. Oddly enough, Sean predicted that I would use this song which was an amazing example of E.S.P. ( or proof that warped minds think alike)

Google Earth

Here's the original

Now here's what I changed it to

      Hillsdale Lyrics 
Take some hills add a dale
and then you can tell the tale
yes it's time for a new Hillsdale song
grocery store there today
is the old school iga
and the people whol live there are strong
To get there oh gee
go southeast off 23
you may find new sidewalks in town
and you can't go wrong singing all those old  folk songs
if you're not skiing at  Catamount
but if your dog likes to bark
go to Roeliff Jansen Park
you can walk him or her all week long
oh and yes if you care
Maria Carey lived near here
yes this song is already too long
I hope I didn't fail
to tell you all about Hillsdale
we all salute you today
it's your town thursday
here on GNA
Thanks again to all!  If you'd like to hear other small town songs --



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