Have you heard of crowd sourcing?  That's what this little project was like.  Everyone helped me LIVE on Facebook, AS I WAS WRITING IT!  Very fun way of doing it.  I might do it this way from now on.  Thank you, Germantown!  Now onto the song! 

Screen Shot Germantown
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Special thanks to Sandra Peragine and all the others who contributed to the song.  I was very last minute with this one (very busy week) and I admit it, so I needed all the help I could get.  Actually, I think it worked out well though!  I used the great Jason Aldean song, "Crazy Town" as the jumping off point for this.  You can read about it on Wikipedia

Ok, on with the song!

My Lyrics 

In 1710 according to the sign, this town was settled by the Palatines
From the little information I've read about, this town is known as Lake George South
Two banks yep that's right
Only action after 10 PM is the one blinking traffic light
It's Germantown
With one little school
And their clippership mascot, that's real cool
IN the summer, the lake is all you need
If you can swim around and avoid the duck weeds
Taconic inc    I've Heard about that
For medical research they breed rats
That's one place I won't be found
otherwize I'd love to hang around
In Germantown
There's palatine pizza
Palatine park
There was central market but that went dark
Sometimes people stop and stare
Cuz Oliver stone has a summer home there
For you motor heads this was a trip
Hover Avenue was a big drag strip
In Germantown you'll agree
 they have an awesome fire company
If your car suddenly stops
There's an auto shop on every block
better drive slow, and here's why.
There's a sheriff in town- his name's Eli
Thats all I know
here on the Sean and Richie Show
About Germantown
 Thanks again to all who listened.  I invite you to spread this around and get everyone to comment.  Love to hear what you have to say……
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