I really enjoyed putting this together, as usual.  I couldn't have done it without help, and I got a ton of it this time.  Sure makes my job a lot easier… 

Special shout outs go to  Commissioner of Jurors (and good friend) Susan Gavin Lant, Kimberly Elizabeth, Kathy Ernst Holden, and many others who spent an unusual amount of time providing me with the whole history of the town.  I wish I had photos to go with it, but that's really pushing it, I guess.  Be that as it may, here's your song, Wilton!


 "Buildin' In Wilton"
    written and performed by "Rhymin' Richie" of WGNA
    ©2015 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved
Do you remember Nashville North -it's now a restaurant -that's cool
and when the little schoolhouse burnt down, they built a brand new Ballard school
Dumplin Hide Out is now a Baptist Church and that's not all I got
the Snack Store I'm pretty sure is now a parking lot
Remember Howard Pettys Saw Mill
It's part of their history
Now a doctor is on call who'll do tree surgery
They do tree surgery
Ernie's  burnt down too and so did the town hall
but now it's the Veterans Park
As you Wilton lifers will recall
Hey whatever happened to Ellithorpe' s place
it's now a Stewarts shop
Everybody used to go to the Stage Coach
Now the favorite place is Scotty's Truck Stop
They've done a whole lot of rebuilding
Lots of changes in Wilton
Lance Auto and the Wishing Well - they're still there
So is Winslow's and the Chez Pierre
The shopping is 5 times the size
but I miss Monkey Wards and the Service Merchandise!!!
Before I finish this song I can't
forget Ulysses S Grant
Kathy Holden
and Susan Gavin Lant
and everyone who helped with this song
but it's going too long
I'd love to continue but I can't
and as we speak I'm sure they're still buildin'
Something brand new in Wilton
We love Wilton

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